Tom Segal PriceWise

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  1. The spreadsheet says up to 30th April. Is this from the 1st of April or maybe 1st January?

  2. Mick, let me have a look at that and get back to you. It doesn’t look right to me and there may have been a mistake made when I switched over from the previous site.

    I have taken it out in the meantime until I get a chance to go back over Jan Feb March April.

  3. Mick, I have gone back through the records and adjusted the figures you asked about. The calculations are all now at Betfair SP with the exception of February and April.

  4. many thanks

  5. should points invested in February be 13 not 34?

    Reply yes of course it should. I have corrected it. Cheers.

  6. I notice that in today’s Racing Post Tom Segal has given 2 tips. He has given them as Tom Segal and not as Pricewise therefore the bookmakers early price guarantee does not come into effect. Does he always tip as Tom Segal on Sundays? In your stats have you included ‘Tom Segal’ tips as Pricewise ones? Thanks

    Reply. He tips on Saturday and Sunday in the Post and also on Pricewise Extra (6/1 winner today). He also tips if there is a major meeting on during the week. When I first started full tracking over a year ago we couldn’t decide if Sunday was a pricewise day or not, but we included it because its Tom Segal

  7. ok many thanks.

  8. I thought on Friday’s and maybe Thursday’s pricewise is done by Eddie ‘The Shoe’ Freemantle? Are you just including Tom Segal’s pricewise column and no other tipsters?

  9. We don’t bother tracking the weekday tipsters on Pricewise Extra for 2 reasons.
    1 Over the 12 months or so we did record them, none made a profit and they are not worth backing. Andrew Barr was best of them.
    2 The line up is Barr Mon/Tues -Hutton Wednesday-Freemantle Thurs/Friday but that kept changing with the result that Hutton who hardly ever tipped a winner was only giving about 50 bets a year, Freemantle less than 100 and Barr less than 100.
    Thanks for commenting.
    The Friday tip recently was from Tom’s Pricewise column which he does if there is a big race during the week.

  10. Cheers, keep up the good work.

  11. Can someone post the link with the actual tips please? this one is not working for me anymore…


  12. Thanks Mike its fixed now.

    Both broken links fixed.

  13. i have followed tom since the begining and back his selections only in the post column not extra or anti post to my memory the last time tom gave a winning double on the same day was march 2010 at the festival it seems such a long time ago

  14. I have given up with Pricewise and feel like i am chucking my money down the Toilet , always writes a good case for the Horses he picks and makes you feel that you are backing something of so called Value but 9/10 always blows out.
    It’s always the same, they have a nice run and then you have the Long Barren Wilderness of Loser after Loser.
    These guys are supposed to be so called Racing Experts so how come i can find more Winners than them.
    The Sun Newspaper need to replace Templegate Fast as this new guy has been absolutely Rubbish especially on the Flat, the other guy had quite a few occasions when he went through the Card with Massive Odds and they got rid of him for this Joker.

  15. In reply to Andrew Goodman, I feel the criticism of Pricewise is rather unfair and short sighted. In the results above TS made a return on investment of 34%, which is phenomenal given that is at Betfair SP (as we can never, ever, get the advised prices).

    It’s all about long term profit, if you’re only willing to look for short term winners you won’t stay in the game long. Value is the way forward but you have to be prepared to go through long losing runs. Only way to make money in the long run in racing

  16. I agree Tom. I think though that the Racing Post Marketing Department are guilty of giving people unrealistic expectations. As I keep saying show me another tipster who makes a profit at Betfair SP and I will gladly follow him as well.

  17. Hi, Where do i get the Pricewise tips as the one I got from racing post is different to the one that has one??

  18. Hi Suk. The Pricewise tips appear in the RacingPost on Saturday Sunday and when there is a big meeting or big race during the week. Today for instance, Tom Segal wrote………..
    Fulgur in the Handicap (2.25).
    On the book he has a bit to find with Mijhaar on Royal Ascot form and Labarinto on his Newbury running previously. But there were excuses for him on both occasions and now he has everything in his favour and can turn the tables.
    Mijhaar is clearly a huge danger as he has always been rated a Group-class horse and was well backed to beat Nathaniel at Royal Ascot last time.
    He struggled, having gone wide, but it would be hard to say he was at a massive disadvantage as the other horse who went under the trees with him finished second.
    Nevertheless, he looked like the drop to 1m2f would be in his favour and he did finish four and a half lengths in front of Fulgur.
    However, the Cumani horse is 7lb better off here and might well be better suited by the ground conditions more than Mijhaar. There should not be such a disparity in price between the pair.
    Labarinto has a good chance and there was nothing much between him and Fulgur at Newbury in a very slowly run race.

    If there is going to be a draw advantage it will be with those drawn low and for that reason – and because he’s a bigger price – I prefer 10-1 Fulgur this afternoon.

  19. Hi Suk. Did you maybe get the Pricewise Extra tip today instead of Tom Segals tips in the paper?

  20. Hi TF, Thanks for that. Yes I got it from Pricewise Extra. New to this so not sure where I should be looking.

  21. We post the Paper tips when we get them or you can get them from the Racing Post paper. For Pricewise Extra you have to pay for them so we don’t post them until after the race unless they become public knowledge. Sometimes Channel 4 Racing mention them.
    Don’t expect to win any fortunes, and if you are going to follow Pricewise ,make sure you can withstand a long losing streak of 20 or 30 losers. That happens frequently.
    Better read this

  22. I have been backing P/W for some years now and am in substantial profit probabably for one reason, that is I have more stake on the long shots than the short ones, so when Tominator won the Northumberlad Plate recently Christmas came early for me. I think this is the key, don’t be afraid to hit the big priced horses, I believe this is how Henry Rix operates. Although he has long losing runs, winning outsiders keep him in profit and subs of course! But TF has it right, it’s no gravy train and you have to be in it for the long run.

  23. will emperial monarch run in the english derby please reply

    I don’t know. He is entered and is as low as 16/1. I would love to see him on good ground. With that pedigree, he could be anything.

  24. my wife is a far superior tipster than all your so called pros. She doesnt know the difference between a horse and a camel but constantly makes money for me. Her tip for Doncaster today is Ancient cross in the Portland

  25. TF

    Superb forum which always makes for interesting reading.

    Ive attached a link to my blog in which Ive covered off the other well known tipster hugh taylor

    hope the post is of use
    Interesting blog and not smothered in adverts. Well done.
    Didn’t realise Hugh had 50 consecutive losers???

  26. Read this for real tipping, who, apart from ME, who had the lincoln winner LEVITATE @ 33/1 with a concise, factual reason WHY YOU SHOULD back him, AND BRAE HILL @16/1 in third….READ THIS BLOG!!!

    Be Lucky!!!

    Bit late there PlacePotter.

  27. TF

    bit late?!?!

    Explain!!! lol

    there for all to see!!!

    Be Lucky!!!

    I know it was but you only told us after the event.

  28. agreed (still tipped it up though!!!)…but the 11/4 NAP and 7/4 NB along with the near 10/1 double (ALL advised as a maximum bet) at Towcester on Sunday was on in plenty of time my lad, top marks to ALL who row-row rowed in with me!!!!!!

    And give the whole “Shouda” fiasco a read, just comical…

    Be Lucky!!!


  29. p.s…only found this site after the event, and it appears to have been “stale” for last 6 months,

    Be Lucky!!!

    U to. What do you mean stale? We average 100,000 hits a month. The post you commented on is no longer used for comments, so the chances are I am the only one who saw your comment. The current convo thread which changes 5 times a month is here……….

  30. aaaah,

    got it!!!

    cheers TF…been checking out

    fair amount of dribble on there to go with the MEGA OFFENSIVE language, but good fun thread


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