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Pricewise November 2012/2

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  1. Pricewise Extra due a winner.

  2. Bet Tom’s never heard of most of the runners tomorrow and you couldn’t blame him! I will have a few quid on Destroyer Deployed. Can’t jump for toffee but 9/2 on his bumper form is big against this lot but that was a lot of poor runs ago and suppose the Oneil might be a big improver, but he looks as good as any to me on a tricky day.

  3. My money is on Sail and Return 6/1

  4. One of my favourite races saturday the november handicap us older contributors fondly remember it as the manchester november handicap won by such handicap greats as operatic society when i was young my mum backed it two bob ew ! Hope tom has a nice surprise for us.

  5. Where is PWE communicated? Is it in today’s Post?
    No Pete, it’s part of the RacingPost Members Club.
    It costs about £5 a week. It’s due out at 12.

  6. any 1 know if tom is on pwxtra today. cheers.

  7. KELPIE BLITZ 2.10 14/1

  8. Nath, we can’t post that because there is a copyright issue and the Racing Post tend to clamp down. I know that from experience as I did have a problem with them in the past. Hope you understand. It’s not so much the tip, but the text cut and pasted from their site they hate.

  9. Whats wrong with buick in 2.35 opened on betfair 42 now 75 is it the low draw? Nothing moving yet is tom going for clayton ? Sorry buick mount is darley sun! GOOD LUCK everyone tomorrow including mad paddy any ideas for november hcp paddy for the lemmings you love so much!

  10. Last bet for me 2moro until boxing day. going to have a break and keep an eye on things

    bit of a mad one here but worth a few quid each way lucky 15

    2.00 doncaster boonga roogeta 33-1
    2.30 doncaster art scholar 16-1
    3.10 doncaster jack dexter 9-2
    3.45 doncaster shamaal nibras 11-1

    good luck all looking forward to seeing what tom throws up

  11. What time of a friday night does Toms tips normally appear at

  12. Cubanita 2.00 Doncaster possible PW?

  13. DONC 2.35 Clayton ? WINC 3.25 The Package ? DONC 3.45 Loius The Pious ? DONC 3.45 Docofthebay

  14. are they the confirmed selections nath

  15. 80% sure through the grapevine. I haven’t got an Ipad myself to confirm though

  16. Fair play Nath for posting them,, Prices coming in alright.

  17. donc 2.35 clayton 9/1 gen
    donc 3.45 loius the pious 10/1
    donc 3.45 docofthebay 20/1 365,16/1 gen
    win 3.25 the package 8/1 gen


  18. Gutted I didn’t get docofthebay on a 20/1. I think it has a fantastic chance

  19. bet 365 will have 20/1 at 8.30 in the morning nath for about 3 mins if you have an account with them.

  20. Have done doc at 14-1 just seen sk post will try 365 dont hold much hope they keep referring my bets for 2 -3 mins Good luck shame clayton too short for mean and louis as well i like double odds tom.

  21. Thanks S.K. I’ll definitely set my alarm for 8.30 then. I’m going on a bit of a bender tonight though so whether I actually wake up when my alarm goes off is a different story. Good luck to everyone for tomorrow. After some questionable selections from TS recently I have a good feeling about these ones! Fingers crossed we’ll be putting the champagne on ice tomorrow

  22. pricewise or not i will be backing cubanita
    I do like that one myself

  23. Nath,you need to be logged in ready to bet,if you want to catch em,maybe set alarm for 8 00am,and be sure,

  24. TF like the photo appended for your Nov posts-right colour horse-wrong colour silks-therefore not this years winner of the Paddy Power due to be run next weekend. (Grand Crus)

    James I am with you with Jack Dexter 3:10 needs to be backed until his fortunes change

    I think TS Pricewise tips are also not this week without a chance. Docoftebay is the only one I give no chance to. Too long in the tooth 4 me and question marks with the Package but is value at 8-1, but can’t see it beating Michel Le Bon.

    Zarkanda nap at 9/4 14:50 Wincanton
    The pic is obviously Great Endeavour. I backed it and when I saw the pic I loved it.
    Good luck with Grand Crus,


  26. docofthebay 20/1 bet365 now

  27. Anyone who gets more than a £10 on with any bookie is either a new customer or a proven loser.

  28. TF CUBANITA Was originaly in november hcp now going for a listed race wonder what beckett reasoning is good luck i wont put the mockers on him by backing him! Once more good luck on a very difficult donny card.

    8/1 WINNER

  29. Think Eddie Freemantle put up Clayton in the paper yesterday as well. I’m taking a flyer on Hanoverian Baron at over 50 to 1 on Betfair. 4th last year when didn’t quite get home in the soft ground but wasn’t far behind Willing Foe now rated 107. He’s probably on the downgrade but if the ground dries up 50s is a big price and he usually travels well so might be able to bail out for a profit as well.

  30. Well it’s safe to say I didn’t make it out of bed any way near 8.30 this morning. Paul Kealey expecting Valencha to run a massive race at 3.10 Doncaster. 33/1 is today’s PWE

  31. Ground looks a bit loose at Doncaster for Hanoverian Baron, should suit Jack D but at the prices Sirius Prospect is better value.

  32. well done coops nice tip

  33. 3:45 DR
    Docofthebay looks to be “wastin’ time” in this; which may go to one of the less-travelled types like or MY FREEDOM,
    Volcanic Wind or Well Painted.

    2:35 Dr

    Communicator looks well handicapped, Retrieve and Kirthill
    look dangerous

    2:15 WCN

    Houblon des Obeaux worth a go against the fav.

  34. Art Scholar James. Well done

  35. Good shout Prom.

    Beautiful trade on Hanoverian Baron got at 7.6 for a nice profit. Ground just went a bit soft to stop him going really close.

  36. cheers mark ,well done WCN

  37. boooooooooooooooom

  38. wasnt it a great ride on the package

  39. one more please……

  40. Congrats to those who backed cubanita did not back it but trainer beckett knew what he was doing taking her out of nov hcp.

  41. Fantastic day backed Art Scholar and had two great paying forecasts up. Nap also up with Zarkanda.

    But better still have just read that Grand Crus is going to run in the Paddy Power next week and I have had my life’s biggest ante-post bets at 5-1 and 9/2 and with doubles with Long Run or Boxing Days King George. I have had a sensible savers o Hunt Ball at 8-1 but I will win so much Saturday I won’t need to work for a year

  42. James, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way… But I love you. Seriously.

    Art Scholar at 20/1. Oooooooooohhhhh Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!

  43. Any tips for tomorrow??

  44. Thanks coops got on cubanita.

    james loving your work 25-1 on betfair Art Scholar get in.

    Then the package came home nice one TS.

    Making sure the misses dont see my betfair account tonight!!!

  45. nice one paul wish we could find one at that price every week

  46. BetFan sent you an email this morning with a tip enclosed, a free horse
    racing tip that was available at 20/1 some readers got upto 30/1 on Betfair!

    The horse in question Art Scholar ran a fantastic race and won very nicely
    indeed! The team at BetFan jumped for joy for readers! The free tip came
    from the man who’s the talk of the betting world… The Gambling Don!

    Yes the same guy who gave readers the winner of the Breeders Cup last
    Saturday with Fort Larned who won at 9/1.

    If you’re not a full time member join below…

    Again I really hope you got on this quality tip as these guys did…

    “bolts in to win, the don does it again! Living legend”
    just thought i’d post this wonme a few quid.

  47. Sorry guys posted the gambling don web link by mistake.
    the link for the free betting tips( for what they say are there top 10 tipsters )is send you an email everyday with a free tip .

  48. PW Two today
    No Prices
    1345 nav so young
    1450 nav real dubh
    Cheers Jim

  49. I wish Tom Segal could explain why he invariably on Sunday tips nags (sorry donkies) in Ireland. Why not In UK. Trust me he knows F’all about Irish form if his stats are to be taken on face value.

    His stats are, as all us regulars know, not just terrible they are shocking. My grandmother could do better with her knitting needle. His tips are shameful. Steer well clear unless your laying in which case you are likely to be making shed loads.

    One selection for me today: 15:05 F.Las Wayward Glance. McCoy and longest traveller 9/2 generally. Guaranteed to give you a run for your money

  50. Realt Dubh verses Big Zeb is a toss of the coin. PW (Segal on Sunday) my arse. Today at Navan it is a notch above the normal Sunday Irish crap so may be my comments are slightly unjustified THIS WEEK.

  51. thanks for posting jimsrant

  52. Nick williams as sent Urbain de sivola to auteuil in the 2-40 might be worth abet,

  53. did you have a good day TF

  54. Not much around value wise that I can see today. If Senior Again runs to his chase mark Limerick 1.35 then 3/1 is a bit big so that’s my bet. Good luck all.

  55. howards legacy 2.30 fos and valley lad 3.05 fos for me today good luck all

  56. Cards looks pretty woeful. Weekend Millionaire for me 3.05 Ffos Las. Will post Segal’s PWE tip in 5 minutes if anyone is interested

  57. Tom Segal PWE

    2.20 Navan
    1pt win at 20-1 generally

  58. PWE ballyfinboy 220 nav

  59. Ridiculous reaction form the so called bookies to Ballyfinboy given the track record of PWE in the past 2 years.

  60. Will chance a couple of Hedge Hoppers today, no big prices:

    1:40 MR Valleyofmilan
    3:05 FL Stow

    Good luck to all for the Jumps Season.

  61. pppphhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww

  62. A PWE winner – well I actually backed it to £25 before the tip, so I was lumbered with it nice profit of £365.

    Even lightning can strike in the same place twice for Tom Segal, law of averages. Wasn’t 2 pleased when I found out he had tipped it.

  63. i bet you wasn’t

  64. Coops I was… But who cares what you think

  65. Good shout with Howards Legacy coops nice 1.

  66. cheers james

  67. unlucky for your double coops.

  68. i was ready to book aweeks holiday :)

  69. Thanks tom 20 at 12 365 never saw 20-1 not greedy!

  70. Great shout from Segal. Did anyone manage to get 20/1? I only managed 16/1

  71. Good stuff coops,nice prices

  72. Even though I backed the PWE tip before I knew it was PWE I really do think we are getting carried away with patting TS on the back. I didn’t realise anyone who didn’t want to lose their shirt was stil baking these stupid costly tips. He was bound to get one in sooner or later, but credit where credit is due well done to anyone else who backed Ballyfinboy.

    His record in Ireland is terrible and in particular with PWE. Remember he did also have 2 short priced Segal on Sunday Irish losers today.

    Good selection made by Coops, well done
    I think it depends on how you view Tipsters LT.
    Segal has had 51 Winners from 380 bets.
    If you got the worst price available on each winner you would be level.
    But if you were able to beat the Betfair SP by 1 point on average you would be up 51pts.
    That’s an ROI of around 13% and this has been the worst year in the last 3.

  73. I think Segal’s Irish tips have been ok recently LT, and I follow Irish racing more than most. The real point about today’s tip was that the jockey won the race and I personally think he was the reason Segal put it up,not because of any form chance the horse had, it was an educated guess because Cooper is riding so well, and it paid off, so credit where it’s due.

  74. He had 1 short priced loser TF (which was a strange selection, I certainly didn’t back it). His other selection So Young was a NR.

    The 2.20 at Navan seemed to be a very open race with no clear favourite. If I have no opinion on it and Segal picks a horse out from the card (especially at 20-1) I’d side with him and back it everytime.
    We just ignore the Segal on Sunday tips Nath, if there is no advised price. Logically they are bad bets as the bookies price them after he has tipped them. I’m pretty sure you would make money laying them. I will have a look through them when I get a chance and post the P&L.

  75. *sorry I meant to say LT not TF (in reply to the comment that Segal had two short priced losers today)

  76. If anybody followed MR LT advice of not to back tom segal tips in ireland,france or on PWE would have missed 6 winners out of last seven

  77. coops
    i too doubt his claims of backing it before it was tipped unless until if he was backing 4 or 5 horses in that race

  78. finally MR LT
    i dont think we r really getting cariied away patting TS
    for sure he is a legend…
    check ur tips…u r posting so many short priced tips and some of them u were describing them nearly as bets of the year blah blah balh ( camelot,stong suit so many) cudnt manage to tip a winner until yesterday……that too with a short priced one as how can u think we r getting carried away
    about his irish tips basically he was saying favorites can be beaten in those races i think his point was proved in one race where 1/7 odds-0n favorite lost and in the 2nd race.. that big jumping error costed realth dubh very badly

  79. Whatever …..

  80. Tomthewinner, Please tell me where I have said not to back Pricewise tips. I have never said that in fact quite the contrary.

    I oppose on stats PWE Segal on Sunday tips ONLY and particular Irish selections.

    Regarding Camelot I implied it wac madness backing him in the St Ledger at 1/3 or whatever price he was. I backed him for the Arc with Dettori on board. Strong Suit was beaten narrowly at Newbury when I said he was a good thing.

    Before throwing stones I would check your facts.

    Take yesterday, I tthink I tipped one winner ( Zarkanda – NAP) and pointed you two winning forecast The Package and Michel Le Bon £25.62 & General Ting and Valid Reason £15.60. I also said Docofthebay had no chance and I think it finished last or thereabouts.

  81. Well hello there

  82. well if i am not wrong u siad the package can not beat michel le bon…also we were asking to back valid reason again its not awinner

  83. LT
    about strong suit read this post by u
    “Lay Tom | Sep 8, 2012 | Reply
    One word one tip: STRONG SUIT 3.25 Haydock”

    strong suit finished 7th in that race u r talking about newbury race

    i think u lost.. check the facts

  84. ur post about camelot…..
    “Lay Tom | Oct 6, 2012 | Reply
    Surely Soul hasn’t a hope in hells chance of pipping Mince. Bloody annoying as now as dedicated PW folllowerI I’m backing at 6/4 to big money. I really like the chances of Regal Parade. This is a value bet especially for you E/W punters. My advice is forget the place money,back win and put everything on Camelot. He won’t be beaten this time.”

  85. I picked out Camelot for 2000 Guineas and Derby. I opposed him for St Ledger and this comment refers to the Arc as you know. We can all twist the knife in. I am saying right now that Grand Crus should win the Paddy Power but now at 5/2 is poor value but I backed it at 5-1. Slag me off next week

  86. You like I have a strong opinion so lets both chill

  87. just for u..i am really hoping grand crus will win this…
    i am happy if somebody wins big money from bookies..
    thats the reason i like TS
    he is the man to bash the bookies

  88. On a lighter subject, Prospect Wells is likely to be entered for next Sunday’s Racing Post Hurdle at Cheltenham. Paul seems to think that Prospect Wells might have beaten Zarkanda but for the last. In Betfairs Ante-Post market I have just matched £75 at 17.5-1 and win or lose assuming he goes to post will surely be half those odds. Paul Nicholls is indicating he will. Still ome 16-1 around.

  89. Thanks Tomthewinner for your wishes for Grands Crus. ( I have covered my stake with Hunt Ball and Walkon as you never know in this game and Grands Crus might not be the same horse this year, but betting and reports from Pipe stable who target this race are very, very good.)

  90. Well it certainly was close with Zarkander. Not a bad bet that LT. Think I’ll join you at 16/1.

  91. I am also considering Darlan for the Champion Hurdle at 12/1. He’s as short as 4/1 favourite for the Racing Post Hurdle. If he runs a good race there the odds won’t be double figures. Although also like Rock on Ruby for that. Surely new trainer Harry Fry’s flagship horse

  92. i think hunt ball is the one to be on in the paddy power gold cup its took my money anyway

  93. Just had first look at Cheltenham weekend cards as making annual pilgrimage on Friday, looks a fantastic card and you can actually move so prefer it to the Saturday (old). Remember backing Dynaste at 25/1 a couple of years ago, how good did Aegean Dawn look that day. Any thoughts before Friday appreciated chaps.

    Anyway reason for post was I was slightly interested in Al Ferof and was looking for him in the 10 stone 10/11lbs area, but he is giving weight to Grand Crus which I couldn’t believe. Wish I had some of that 5s LT!

  94. James I have been sweating my conkers for the past few weeks as I thought Grand Crus may of been going for the Betfair Chase 4 a head in with Long Run which had it happened my money would not have been on Grand Crus. As I said I have covered my bet. Fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed. Will look a bit of a plonker if it is beaten, but I did back him at value odds. Anyone with any sense would point out I have one selection against the field. When said like that I probably need my brain tested.

  95. By the way David Pipe says that Grand Crus is the best he has ever trained-that is good enough for me and as James says is being treated very leniently. Mind you I wouldn’t back it current odds of 2-1 as this is far too short. Horses fall, unseat and get brought down.

  96. I like AL Ferof – if he’s sorted his jumping out he’s a contender. Jumped too soon last season & bit edgey before races. This race could be excellent tester before the King George currently 20/1 coral could be a cracking bet, could be better at 3 miles than 2M 4F.
    I remember backing him in this race.
    He certainly came up the hill. Kempton might be a bit flat for him. I would rather him with a stiffer finish, but 20/1 sounds decent.

  97. LT I am in no doubt 5-1 is value. Has he got a 16.67% chance of winning? No doubt. I could see him winning on the bridle my one concern would be if he tanks too fresh on seasonal debut he could, as we all know, clip one or maybe empty up the hill, but I think he will see it out. BUT, as you know the value is not there for us who haven’t got on and I will have to try and get him beat but I will have to play each way because of my respect for the fav. As previously posted Al Ferof is of interest and I’ve also got a sneaky feeling that this trip on goodish ground might suit Questions Answered. If my day on course goes well Friday I may just follow you in as could be a drifter on the day.

  98. But QA is miles out of the handicap looking again. Yeah was a pricewise tip that day TF antepost wasn’t it. Fascinating race – I will back a faller probably.

  99. Anybody outthere any comments cccccorals and spoilsports refuse to take my bets but have not closed my accounts spoke to their customer services both said referred to traders who do not have to give any reasons,Iwould say my betting history with them is tom selections and golf via palmer and chapman biggest wins about £700 corals and £550 with spoilsports used to back my own mostly losing selections and were accommodated with no problems also i tend to back gary nutting ante post at the races. Why do they not just close the accounts?

  100. Derek – had similar with bet365. After a week they would only take win only bets or halfed my stake. After 4 weeks they took a ” trading decision ” refused to take telephone bets restricted my custom to internet only and restricted stakes, i can get 35p E/W on horses max & like 22p on football bets. Bookies will not provide a service if you are disciplined and look like a risk. Keep doing what you were doing, home in on what you do well. Dont know why they dont close the accounts completely? wish they had i’d of been proud of the letter

  101. Saw an ad in the paper today. 5/1 on Grand Crus for first time paddy power telephone customers if anyone is interested. Max bet £50

  102. Thanks for your comments sean its only over the last couple of years i have become choosy hence i have increased my profits and cutting out losers is almost as important as finding winners. Tom is putting his hennessy ante post in the post on thursday, also i am fascinated if tom picks jonjo oneill at cheltenham this week end after reading the pricewise book it would be nice to get better prices.Goodluck to everyone on this site

  103. Teolagi 7.25 Kempton looks good value at 7/1

  104. A bit more time on my hands today (to do the devil’s work?) so a peek at the Paddy Power seemed in order.

    GRANDS CRUS had reminders, we should also have plenty of those:

    Last Time Out, it’s only proper race: beaten 18 lengths.
    Before that:

    Beat 4 rnrs at Kempton (1 was PU >> don’t you just love the jumps?)

    Closing stages: “reminders after 2 out, just pushed out flat”

    His Principal opponent (Silviniaco Conti):

    “Mistake 1st, tracked clear leaders, chased winner 13th, ridden and no impression after 4 out, not fluent next, stayed on from last but no real chance of threatening.”

    Wow, some challenge that was. And two also rans…

    The form was “Franked”, or was it Bob’ed or Tom’ed… you know the bloke from the pub?

    Silviniaco Conti beat a 33/1 shot and some old cards, in a NON-Handicap, LTO. How many other horses could have beaten that lot? (Wetherby)

    Before that he beat 3 horses:

    “closely attended to by runner-up, kept 1 length lead until driven along and asserted after last, in command final 150yds, readily”

    2nd was Sonofvic (yet to win a ‘Chase}

    “Raced in close 3rd, not fluent 8th (water), not fluent again 11th, hit 14th, chased winner after 4 out and 1 length down from next until after last when ridden and outpaced final 150yds but well clear of 3rd.” The other two were out with the washing.

    Before that he beat 4 finishers, only one started at less than 12/1. It’s the wonderful world of dodgy jumpers (with short prices and tall stories).

    As Frank Zappa used to say: “Does this kind of life look interesting to you?”

    Oh! the joy of a short-priced jumps winner, good thing most courses are well attended by paramedics. GRANDS CRUS’s correct handicap mark is an unknown quantity, he’s never won one. POQUELIN has won a handicap off a mark 7lbs less than he’s being asked to carry this time and I’ve taken the 54/1 which was briefly on offer. I might be crazy.

    I might not win but at least I’ve got a calculated bet and shouldn’t suffer from any undue stress in running. I may, or may not, bother taking any other positions in the market.

    I’ll be as happy as the next man if GRANDS CRUS is the next Desert Orchid, or whatever, but I’m happy to wait to find out. Silviniaco Conti may be a new Kauto Star, again, we’ll see.

  105. Amazing post Prom. Loving the Zappa reference.

    Only I could go to see The Killers and have them cancel after 4.5 songs, or 9/2 as I said to my mates – nonplussed looks. Stupid idea anyway. Roll on Friday.

  106. i like the look of walkon who i think is getting a stone from grand crus for a length defeat in the RSA chase on level weights

  107. Derek,close them accounts,they keep them open for at least a year,after they can say when you open,(try) a new account with a new card ,fly bugger’s for sure.Have never used boyles though,too many say they are crap.

  108. SOZ again,forgot to say they don’t let you have whatever the bonus that is on offer at the time

  109. As per my last post on Grand Crus clearly the value has completely gone and at 2-1 or even 11/4 the value has gone. I wouldn’t be backing Grand Crus at those prices win or lose. I backed Grand Crus to very high stkes at 5-1 and this was value, along with Hunt Ball at 7-1 (e/w breaking my own rule but this was because I can’t see that one either not being in the first 4, albeit I don’t see him beating Grand Crus).

    Prom has made a good case for not backing Grand Crus and at the price I must agree although I do believe it will win doing cart wheels with Hunt Ball chasing up.

    There is plenty of each-way value around a big prices and Poquelin as Prom points out is a massive price for the 9 year old horse that is a true Cheltenham specialist albeit the weight is likely to prove his undoing from 3 out.

    Apart from the massive singles, I have had on each of these this is also an ante-post lucky 15 I placed a few weeks ago to a £20 unit stake. Assuming cards fall my way I thought I would share this with all instead of announcing after the result is known.

    Grand Crus 5-1 Paddy Power Gold Cup
    Long Run 4-1 King George
    Long Run 15/2 Gold Cup
    Rite of Passage 8-1 Ascot Gold Cup

  110. Thanks dave f will take your advice also anyone able to get tom ante post for hennessy after 8pm tonight his selection in thursday post. Saturday will be interested in tom selection for ppower in weekender intimates grand crus is unbeatable he wont be tipping it at the price available maybe he will have a saver on jonjo finger on the pulse.

  111. LT,
    God help you is all I can say! Whenever I have this urge to throw good money after bad horses I always remember the words Jack Doyle uttered to me when he was on his last legs in Shepherds Bush and I asked him what his downfall was: Fast women and slow horses, was his reply. (look him up, his story is v interesting) Now, I am not saying G Crus is slow but Prom has made a good case for him not winning. I hope for your sake he is wrong.
    And T Segal could be the next Messiah – but I doubt it! I have to say that GC is very skinny for the PP, though I suppose all he can do is win his races and beat what is there in the race. His last run admittedly was poor, but Pipe says he wasn’t right, so who knows what he is capable of. Still, I look at the performances of For Non Stop and Hunt Ball and think he would need to be good to beat either of them at their best. We shall see.

  112. Thought I’d backed a donkey in Teolagi untill he kicked in.

  113. he left it abit late didn’t he nath :)

  114. He certainly did Coops. Did you back him?

  115. afraid not mate i did sovereign power it finish 4th or 5 th

  116. Ah well. I said last night on here he was good value at 7/1. But I also said docofthebay was a good call by Segal on Saturday! Russian Ice seems a good price at 10/1 at 6.35 Kempton tomorrow. I’m going to jump on that. Might do a lucky 15 if anymore catch the eye

  117. i will take a look at that one cheers ,i’ve been backing miss v williams this week

  118. i think she’s had 5 from 9 since saturday

  119. Actually scratch that, I’ll kick myself for not backing Lean on Pete if he wins. Will resist untill the weekend. Anyone know Segal’s selection for the Hennessey yet or is it not available on IPad during the week?

    Thanks will take a look at Miss V Williams horses after the England game

  120. 4 a minute I thought we were talking tennis as in Venus Williams but then I realised we are referring to Venetia Williams. Phew

  121. Cheers Mad Paddy, as I said I do have savers with Hunt Ball which will make a profit, Walkon and Al Ferof stakes covered. Nice to get your vote of confidence with Grand Crus. 2-1 is a silly price now. However, I bet if I said you could have 5-1 you and Prom would be tempted.

  122. What are people’s thoughts on TS’s ante post selection of Michael Flips for the PP GC?

  123. *peoples’

  124. Don’t fancy it in the slightest, as you’re asking Nath. Cue it hacks up! I’m with LT think Grands Cru is close to a cert assuming he stays up. But I’ll have convinced myself I can get it beat by Saturday.

  125. I can’t see past Grand Crus either. Will have to put it in a treble on Saturday think.

  126. Also Haajes at Southwell 14/1 isn’t without a chance

  127. Hennessey selection?

  128. The Package 9/1 and Frisco Depot 25/1

  129. Nath i love grey horses but i would never back short price favourites especially over jumps.I have a small bet on toms ante post selection saturday all the hype suggests he has little chance.Just remember last week in november hcp the cecil horse was unbeatable. In the long run fav backing is not the answer

  130. is tom on pw xtra 2day cheers.

  131. Yea he has gone for George Baker 8/1 6.25 Kempton. I’m going with Russian ice (12/1) 9/1 w/o lean on Pete. Are the package and frisco Segal’s picks Baz?

  132. cheers nath. his picks are the package and frisco

  133. Thanks

  134. Hope toms selections are available tonite looking forward to the 3 day meeting. Will have a look at 8.30


    Cheers Nath. I stopped backing PWE but I backed that one thanks to you.

  136. good old tom segal thanks for the post on george baker

  137. atlantis crossing 19.55 kemp hugh taylor well over due a winner or e/w

  138. HT is on a poor run of form at the minute. Hopefully it might be a nice double with PWE…

  139. 1st Kinglami—————-0
    2nd Good luck charm————–WON
    3rd Atlantis Crossing————-2ND
    4th Kapapuka 20/1———–0

  140. PW Friday

    Astrocad 6/1

    chelt 1.50

  141. I should have put my name to that one. Turned out a reasonable guess. Anyway i’m gonig to stop fooling around on here and get my Cheltenham head on. Good luck for the weekend all.

  142. Thanks tom saw it 12.15 so 13-2 only available not greedy.Wont get involved on friday too short for my stakes on pricewise selections ihad 20 on toms p extra but like 10-1 upwards for man selections. Good luck everyone at cheltenham .

  143. It amazes me,everytime a pop is taken at any tipster,the tips start winning,IE pricewise it is not very often the bookies drift any tipped by tom,back out to the price he tipped it at,at one stage i seen today’s into 9/2,/5/ it,

  144. The more I look at tomorrows races the harder they look. Anybody think Dodging Bullets is a bit short? I can see at least 3 maybe 4 running for me if I decided to lay him.

  145. yeah perhaps, I think 2/1f would be more appropriate. Nicky Henderson has got to get 1 winner at Cheltenham tomorrow surely. Could well be River Maigue.

  146. Dave F I hope you have deep pockets if you intend backing PWE. I use to back the tips but he has too many losers often at very short prices. The figures on this site should be reduced 5% as the BFair SP is subject to a commission deduction and that is significant. Also there is a cost in obtaining the tip in the first place. On this site only Segal PW has been monitored. Was the winning tip George Baker TS?

    Good luck to you and all others if you are making money on backing them. Make hay whilst you can. I can only assume you are being selective on which ones your backing as I am the ones I decide to lay if I think they have little chance.

  147. James Dodging Bullets looks poor value. I will be backing Tominator at 5-1 or thereabouts.

  148. Just got on Astracad 4.5-1 betfair and if he beat Kid Cassidy then McCoy will want to make amends on Tominator.Taken 4.6-1.
    I also think Dodging Bullets is poor valve.

    TF great site been following for a long time.

    James have a good day tomorrow Good luck all.
    Cheers Paul.

  149. Astracad looks like he will improve for a step up in
    trip and this may be just a pipe opener.

    Kid Cassidy will improve with more practice and
    looks like he needs it.

    It may pay to side with ARCTIC BEN, who looks to be
    on the upgrade.

    Agree with james about Dodging Bullets. In these types
    of races you are probably better off laying a short ‘un
    rather than trying to find The One.

    At Lingfield, the saviour of many a Cheltenham punter,
    Afraah (4/1) looks good to see off the favourite.

  150. My take on the 2.35

    1st Dodging Bullets
    2nd Court Minstrel
    3rd River Maigue

    Will be avoiding it though so hope it doesn’t actually turn out like that.

  151. LT. i do not have deep pocket’s,and certainly do not back any of tom’s tips blind,do not bet big stakes anymore,since tom’s golden 3 months,used to bet 200/300 blind,on tom and a paid for tipster back in them days,when i [paid what was left on my mortgage off in 3 years,luckily,had a reality check,)at the perfect time,_and decided,i would stay,a punter.NOT a gambler what i had turned into,by greed.Never ever bet anything under 3/1,and the bigger the price,the more on,(TAUGHT BY MY DAD,)when i was 9 yr old,and having a 3pence R/R every saturday,(total 30 pence,half a crown,),or 12 1/2 pence in new money.stopped betting when married with 3 kids,for years,and took it up about,10/11 yrs ago again,lucky for mortgage,no pension,except for government,,but get sick of transferring money to bonus accounts,haha,and that is with smallish stakes,sometimes wish i had stayed a gambler,but i am too careful,that no bookie gets it lucky

  152. Me again.hope derek went BOG.or he will be sick.
    Nath.dont know what he meant,?.TOOK A GUESS.?.
    ANON,never seen a result put up like that ,?,ever hehe.
    Just wish TF could put times posted on here,(asked before,),as it getsharder to see when posts are made,i know he can see em.but that does not help us.
    And last whinge for tonight,(as the voddy takes over,)I see many more than 3/4 to beat Dodging Bullet’s than james.
    Must say.i do NOT lay,tried 4 times and got my fingers burnt each time,i blame slow internet speeds,but maybe making my own excuses,lol.
    Be lucky all who play,bak with my thoughts tomoz when voddy wears off.haha.
    Dave, there is no facility for me to turn on anything to show the times. However I do check the time of each post to make sure it’s not “after timing”. People did for some reason try and post tips after the results were in for some reason, but they stopped when they realised that all that type of thing was deleted immediately.

  153. LT’s fun L15 ( All Cheltenham Friday)

    Carlto Brigante 1:15 (16-1 in 5 horse race, and not out of it, but will need a lot of luck)
    Oh Crick 1:50 C (14-1 but will need to improve in open looking race)
    Balthazar King 3:00 ( 3-1 Don’t look any further, solid pick on form )
    Teak 3:35 (16-1 bottom weight, stable in form)

  154. Dave F you must have balls of steel not to back ANYTHING under 3-1, but we all have our winning or losing formulas. As I can’t make PWE pay perhaps you would be so kind as to share with us all which ones your backing and which ones your not (before the results are known) as then perhaps after monitoring it for a few months I might start following you. Who knows you might become the reincarnated TS.

  155. Dave f, I was referring to myself with the ‘guess’ when I posted my view on top 4 at last race in Kempton as anonymous.

    LT the way unionste destroyed brigante at Aintree was impressive. I can’t see him finishing anyway near the favourite 3 unfortunately. But fingers crossed for you

    In regards to PWE that was a TS tip yest. I personally don’t back all PWE just Segal’s selection. Kealey’s on the odd occasion if I agree with the selection

  156. Interesting thoughts on Cheltenham today nice one all, I like the idea that Henderson could have run many horses in the DB race and chose this one and Balthazar looks solid. Good luck all. Couple of decent placepot at least shots put up as well so I’ve made a note. Good luck everybody.

  157. does anyone know how james boyle is doing now is he getting some winners in

  158. theres a lot that think walkon will win the paddy power gold cup hugh taylor as well mmm how does tom segal do at cheltenham shall i stick with him

  159. Hi Nath my above 4 with the exception of Balthazar King (which I think will follow up on his beating of Galaxy Rock) are just fun selections. I added Tominator this morning and put on a very small stake lucky 31 on. A real wing and a prayer bet, no real chance but what the heck. Balthazar King however is a different proposition, I backing him properly. Am catching a train this afternoon from Preston 2 London and will watch the action whilst supping a can. If I lose, I hope somebody gives the bookies a stuffing. GLuck

  160. Hello dave f i had 22 at 13-2 ended up with 189.20 with vc so i guess they paid the extra i dont use them very often i cant remember winning much before with them. I had forgotten about enhanced odds i think stan j dont do and james boyle told me lads dont before 10am.Dave i have just finished totting up the following to very approx figures to £10 stakes last flat the prices are the ones they quote so actual profits can be scaled down.tom +1195, pw extra +455, hugh t +987 and gary obrien+281 i wont give james boyle as he is private tipster Individual pw ex kealy +455 ef+58 ab-50 and tom+145 these are pretty reliable but not 100%. Hugh t eg prices drop in seconds as we know with tom hope this helps and of course pw ex fee £4.50 a week comes out of profits.I like your ideas on the flat i only back tom 10-1 up over jumps may have to change although i would never go under 5-1 in any race hence tom friday sel under 5 so will not bother.One last thing i have biggest stakes on his biggest prices 200-400 max. best of luck to all on this website.

  161. James Boyle has had 1 winner and 8 losers so far in November Mark, currently on -0.52 points for this month.

    He was -7.43 points in October, -4.87 points in September, was +0.63 points in August, -26.02 points in July and a whopping -71.20 points in June all to advised stakes.

    He made a profit from Jan to May, but has bombed since. If you had been following him from the 1st January to advised stakes, you would currently have a profit of +27.71 points.

  162. I think Dodging Bullets is a dodgepot and a false Fav. Tominator doesn’t fare much better as 2nd fav.
    Imo there are not many in this race capable of winning. River Maigue is the exception, and getting weight from all oin the race, must have a big chance if it has been schooled well – which I am sure it has being Hendersons. It NHF form is excellent and I expect it to win handsomely.

  163. To all the lemings; Astrocad is for laying not betting.

  164. A bold statement Mad Paddy

  165. Mad Paddy keep up the good work – as I have said before I like people with strong opinions. Whether your proven wrong with your current analysis, your opinion can be helpful when you put up an iinformed argument with a twist of wind up.

  166. Grand Crus endorsement from McCoy who on C4 just said, Grand Crus will be very hard to beat! Obviously he reads the same form book that James and myself use. That is not to say he can’t be beaten. I believe he will win by at least 5 lengths as he is in a different league and reports from Pipe (who lets not forget McCoy was retained by years ago) is very, very optimistic. Assuming he stays up he wins. ( Tomthewinner this is an opinion only, I am not telling you to back it as I said no value now)


  168. thanks frankel

  169. Did you end up laying in the 2.35 James or did you think better of it? I should have layed tominator to be placed. Easy to say in hindsight though I suppose

  170. Anyone see Graham Rodway on ATR today? He tipped a load of winners.

  171. Poquelin looks very much the forgotten horse of this race. He has a superb record in these types of races and is now down to a mark he can get competitive off once again. With the addition of the decent 7lbs claimer on and what looked a half decent seasonal opener at Ascot recently over too long a trip, i think he will be very difficult to knock out of the places here and warrants a decent bet at a big looking 28/1.

    GO TO

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