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Pricewise Bookmaker Policy

Stan James

Our prices are available from 5.30pm the previous day and are therefore subject to fluctuation.

We will naturally endeavour to keep the price, but are unable to guarantee that they are available at the printed level the following day.

Paddy Power

Our prices will be available for a minimum of five minutes on the phones and internet, for Saturdays from 8.30am, for Sunday-Friday from 9am. For the shops, they are available for a minimum of 15 minutes from 10am.

William Hill

Our prices are made available in all channels from 6pm the previous day but are subject to fluctuation.

“We will endeavour to re-release these prices at 8am the following day in our Sportsbook and Telephone Betting channels but cannot guarantee this policy in the instance of exceptional circumstances.

“Within our Shop estate however, these advertised prices will be made available from 9am and we will again endeavor to hold them for at least 15 minutes.’’


Our prices are available on our website and on the Fon-a-Bet service from 8.30am till 8.45am. The 15-minute window may vary for Sunday Pricewise races, but the available times are advised in our Racing Post advert.

Blue Square

Our position is that our prices will be displayed and made available on all platforms from approximately 5pm the evening before the event. Whenever possible, these prices will be available the following day, but we are not able to make a guarantee that there will be any specific time window for such an opportunity on any platform.


Betting on all Pricewise races is available from 5.30pm the previous day, in shops, online and through our call centre.

Ladbrokes are commited to holding pricesfor such races for as long as possible, although they are subject to change.

However, across Ladbrokes retail estate, prices displayed in the paper will always be available at 9am.


Advertised horseracing prices are available from 8.30am on all channels – shops, telephones and

We guarantee these prices in our 1,644 shops for 15 minutes after opening – 8.30am to 8.45am – and where a particular selection is extremely popular on the phones and online from the moment they become available at 8.30am, we endeavour to lay that price to as many customers as possible before mounting liabilities necessitate a price change.


All advertised prices in Pricewise races (including ante-post) are available from 8.30am on both internet and telephones. There is no set time limit to any price.We aim to accommodate as many customers as we reasonably can at any advertised price.


For Group 1/Grade 1 we will always look to go back with our original prices from 8.30am UK time for as long as we can hold them depending upon the liability. Any other race is subject to a decision being made on the morning of the race.


There is no price guarantee on the web or phones.

Our shops will guarantee prices for 15 minutes from 9.00am Monday to Saturday.

Prices are not guaranteed on Sunday because of later shop opening times.

This policy may change at any time in the future.

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  1. Nice picture mate…. :-)

  2. corals told me a couple of weeks before Christmas that they no longer hold there prices on a Saturday morning even for 15 minutes,shame on you corals wont be using you again

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