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Private Forum Division 1 Monthly Profits.

  • Jan +203 points profitpost-it-note
  • Feb +164 points profit
  • March +43 points profit
  • April +126 points profit
  • May +194 points profit
  • June +880 points profit

Top Tippers Threads: +160 points profit  (Started Mar 17th)

Early Money Thread: +506 points profit (Started Jan 16th)

Value Bets Thread: +170 points profit (Started Mar 17th)

ALL bets are posted with available advised prices, along with an INSTANT notification so you can get on.

ALL bets are tracked in our custom bet logger giving full transparency so you know who to follow.

Private Forum


What Else Is On Offer?


Along with FULL access to our private forum where we have:

  • 10 x Pro Standard Daily Tippers
  • 3 x Divisions of Amateur Tippers
  • Many threads on specialised systems including first time head gear, value bets & laying in running.
  • Threads for specific Race meetings, Stables, Jockeys & Trainers.
  • A specialised sports forum covering Football, Golf, Cycling, NFL and many other events.
  • A wealth of knowledge and insight into the mind of professional punters.

You ALSO get FULL access to our custom bet logger software, track all your bets, post your own tips or simply see all our tips displayed on a single page:

Our Custom Bet Log Software


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  1. I do not have a paypal can i pay another way

  2. Badmin> Yes you can pay using a uKash voucher, they can be bought in most newsagents. Just send us an email.

    Also you don’t need a Paypal account if you are paying for 1 year, click the link and you can use a credit or debit card.

  3. hi there is this website still up and running cheers

  4. Badmin> Hi Spencer, we’re still up and running!

    I will update this with the latest figures shortly.

  5. Points profit at level stakes for the entire forum:

    July +427
    August +290
    Sep +305
    Oct +91

    The breakdown of each division and members stats are displayed on our bet logging software

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